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The next step on the Community Roadmap is the Job Board and it’s launching today. The purpose of this post is to give an overview of the Job Board and how I see it helping to build this community.

The primary purpose of Indie Experts is to connect people to the freelance and self-employed community. With this job board we plan to connect you directly with the client. No middleman, no fees and no bidding, just you and the client.

Leads are important for every self-employed person, without them work could dry out and put you in a tough situation. As this community and job board grows my hope is to keep you from that situation. Here’s how the job board works today and how I see it working in the future.

Personal Job Board

The Personal Job Board is the place to find the jobs you’re most likely going to be interested in and that fit your skill set. Skills are a way to let the community know what you do and the tools you use. You can add skills to your profile in your account settings. Once you’ve added some skills to your account you will have access to your personal job board. Although you can filter the job board by an individual skill, the personal job board will only show you job postings containing the skills you’ve added to your profile.

In the future I plan to add features such as keyword, company, and submitter filters as a way to personalize your job board to serve you better.

Skill Based Job Boards

The [your skill here] job board is a way to dynamically create dedicated job boards for a specific skill or tool. Wanting to look at jobs requiring Laravel work? Check out the Laravel Job Board. How about Statamic, CraftCMS, or WordPress? We’ve got those too. Vue.js, React.js, Node.js, Angular, and on and on.

There is a lot of flexibility here and so much room for expansion. In the future I plan to have related skills filtered together. For example if you were to view the Laravel job board the skills PHP, MySQL, Vue, React, Bootstrap, and Tailwind would be applied to the filter as well. The WordPress skill would also apply the PHP, MySQL, jQuery and React.js skills.

Job View

Just as important as searching and filtering the job board is viewing the actual job. This is what a single job posting would look like. Only logged in members can view individual jobs right now. The reason for this is simple, if you want to take advantage of being a part of this community you need to be a part of this community. The public can see the various job boards but clicking on a single job will ask them to login.

Right now there are no public submissions nor paid submissions for the job board. Every listing will be submitted by a member of the community. Often I’m asked if I know someone who can work with this tech or that system or if I could suggest someone who would be good for a specific project. Now there is a place I can submit that request to and get it in front of someone that I don’t personally know but is part of the community. In doing this we’re participating in the community by helping others to continue being self-employed. We’re also providing a great service to our contact even though we can’t take on the project ourselves.

If you are looking for a job know that the goal of Indie Experts is to help you and connect you directly with the client. There is no middleman, no fees, no bidding. Just you and an easy way to start a conversation with the prospective client.

When viewing an individual job you’ll see the standard information you expect to see: A title indicating what the need is, a longer description outlining the work required, who is requesting the work and a way to contact them. You’ll see three actions to easily call the prospective client (if they’ve provided a phone number), email them or share a link to the job (via email) to someone who might not be a part of the community yet. You’ll also see a list of skills the job requires and those that you have are highlighted.

You can also see the member who submitted the job to the community. Helpfulness and accountability is an important part of this community. Members who are consistently helpful and supportive will be rewarded within the community in various ways as we grow and develop more features. Members who do the opposite won’t be and will have to rebuild their reputation with the community should they continue.

In the future the quality of a job post will be attached to the member who submitted it. Members who consistently submit high-quality jobs will gain reputation within the community. Subsequent job postings by that member will be listed with a higher rank than lower-ranked job postings. The quality of the company or person that is the lead can also be ranked by the community and will be similarly ranked in the job board.

A Request

The job board is a new tool for the Indie Experts community and with that we need to build it up so it can be helpful to others. It will take a little time to grow and so I have a request:

If you have potential clients contacting you about work you can’t take on, please share the lead and help build this community!

I personally am going to be wearing the recruiter hat going forward to help bring leads into the community. I have a strategy for generating leads and I’m also going to be working on ways to bring more companies to utilize the self-employed community. Right now I’m going to be focusing on helping the web industry because that’s the industry I know best. In the future I see this expanding into other industries such as music, art, audio/video production, home contracting, luthier’s and more.

As always I welcome your feedback and would like to hear what you think. You can contact me directly from the contact page. I’m also thinking of opening up a Slack for members of the community to chat with in realtime. If you’re interested in that, let me know!

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